Challenge training

With four challenges launched and over 4,000 sign ups in less than year, I've set out in 2017 to show bloggers how they can create a challenge that will not only increase their own sign ups but increase their profits as well! 


Challenges are the backbone of my it stands to reason that I launch them A LOT!  So, what do I do with the retired ones?  Give you access to them, of course!! 

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Dare to promote

It's easy to CREATE your amazing content, but when it's time to scream it's name to the world...a lot of bloggers simply whisper, or have NO idea what to yell.  I'll show you HOW to yell it and where with these posts and videos!



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"First of all, thank you for making the content that you do. I have been looking for exactly what you are providing. I started your "Talk Wordy to Me" course two days ago and I am already 58% done. I've revamped my About page, finally settled on a color and font, and even started writing my own coursework now. I was so unsure of where to start but I felt like I was on the right path. I emailed a few other bloggers for mentorship and even joined a paying membership-based group. All either ignored me or strung me along. You have been able to provide me the guidance and help I needed not just a few tips."

- Sahara Page -

I'm amazed at how much information Terra packed into this challenge. Every single day has brought me closer to my goal of making money from my blog. From audience research to download creation to pricing, Terra covers it all-- and in detail. I now feel like I have a road map to follow to create the best downloads for my audience, and to profit from those downloads.

Heck, I got so much out of this challenge that I signed up for two more of Terra's challenges. I know that with her guidance, resources, and the support of the challenge Facebook group, I'll see massive results.

- Emily McGee -