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About Terra Dawn 

I started Uncork Your Dork in 2016 with plans to do something that had to do with blogging and stuff.  

Yep...it was AMAZINGLY vague.

I had no idea what my audience wanted, who my audience was...or for that matter WHERE my audience was.

I came from an incredibly successful background in the wedding photography industry (that industry can bite me) and figured out pretty fast that I wanted something more. Even though I loved photography, I wasn't cut out to do it for business.  

After floundering around and gaining a small following in SEO, I finally launched my first challenge in August...and it BLEW MY MIND!! I launched four challenges in succession, creating products, blog content and nearly tripling the following I already had!  

As I continued launching challenges, questions started pouring in from other bloggers...and I KNEW I'd found my than, chicken wang.  

Uncork Your Dork is in the webisphere to help bloggers create FREE blogging challenges that not only increase traffic and fanbase, but increase income as well!