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I created the “Blogger’s Guide to Traffic" because I believe there are three big problems in the blogging world right now. Blogger’s have to pay an arm and a leg for information they are promised will “change their business forever". Traffic information has become stale, redundant and hard to find. Not every source of traffic is a one size fits all solution!

Inside of the membership, you’ll get access to full courses and live trainings that walk you through not ONLY the basics of growing your traffic…but the more advanced topics like Search Engine Optimization and Influencer Marketing.

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  • Challenge to Profit

    A full length course to help you plan, create, launch and profit from your first (or fifth) free email challenge!! This course will show you my exact methods for generating almost $1,500 in profits a month and adding over 600 new sign ups during a first launch!
  • Downloads, Newsletters & Sign Up Psychology

    In the “No Digity, No Doubt" course, we go over how to plan and create downloads that your customers NEED…how to use your newsletter to generate fandom and sales…and the psychology behind your customer during the sign up phase.
  • Livestream and Loving It

    Are you using video in your site? If you’re still waiting to board that train, this course is for you! In these trainings, we’ll go over how to start livestreaming to your Facebook community for fun, outreach and even profit!!
  • 8 Days to Launch Your 1st Product and Audience

    This is one of my personal faves!! Launching a product is one of the quickest ways to build a stable and dedicated audience! In this course, I’ll show you how to find your product idea, create it…and launch it!
  • An Intro to Influencer Marketing

    After you’ve mastered the social media, creating epic content and refining your message…you’re going to want to start reaching out to other bloggers in your industry! In this course, I’ll walk you through the basics of finding your influencers and getting their “yes’s"!
  • Creating an Ebook in Canva

    An important part of the membership is the “Quick Fix", 15 minute video section! In this short video, I’ll walk you through creating your first ebook in the free platform Canva!

Wanna know who I am?

My name is Terra Dawn and I’m an traffic addict. For me…starting a blog from scratch and building a tiny empire is as satisfying as peeling the clear plastic cover off a new iphone. *sigh* SO satisfying.

In the last 12 years, I’ve launched two successful blogs with an income of $5,000 and more a month. I’ve been featured in Martha Stewart magazine, The Knot, TLC’s Miami Ink (I know!! Right!! And no…I wasn’t getting tattooed). In the two years since Uncork Your Dork was born, I’ve ALSO been featured with OptimizePress, Brand It Girl and Femtrepreneur.

Traffic building is like a video game. You get to the castle, you beat the boss, you jump on the flag pole…and you head to the next level. Sometimes those levels take you a night to beat…and sometimes they take you a whole year.

Let’s rescue the princess together…and let me help you beat your traffic boss!!

Meet the biz mascot…John.