I created Uncork Your Dork, like most businesses, because I bored.

…I kid. I created this site because I saw a hole in the blogging industry!! I see $500 courses on platforms that will be out of style next year. I see information put out, NOT to blow the minds of customers, but instead to make a quick buck. And I see bloggers completely confused at where to start in the traffic building, audience mind blowing track.

I began the site by offering as much information on the blog as possible. You can find articles dedicated all about Keywords and Google, Increasing Email Open Rates, creating visual sales funnels…and more!

Pretty soon, I was creating those $500 courses we were talking about. My only problem?

I loved course creation SO much, that I was getting a new idea for one every single week! THAT, my friends, means a CRAZY amount of launching every month! So…instead of focusing on 12 different launches for 12 different courses…I decided to combine them all into ONE area!

With the membership course, I can create NEW content for ONE low price…PLUS, I only have to focus on one product!


Aside from giving bloggers at ANY stage access to affordable and action packed content…the mission behind UCYD and the Blogger’s Guide To Traffic membership site, is to be as transparent in business as possible.

I have been MOST inspired by bloggers who I can relate to. Vloggers who give us a a direct line to their problems, success stories and behind the biz tours. I love bloggers who are relatable and who I can see myself in.

SO, whether it’s vlogging, blogging or posting in the Facebook group…I want you to know that I’m in the trenches with you. Not EVERYTHING I’m doing right now works…but I’ll let you know WHY and HOW it’s going to change! Why be the guinea pig when I could just be one for you? (Guinea pigs are adorable…so I don’t mind.)


SPEAKING of being inspired!!! Here are list of some of my favorite reads and bloggers on the interwebs!! After you’re finished putzing around UCYD, be sure to give these guys a quick visit for even more learning!

Behind the Scenes Vloggers:

Carrie Green
Amy Schmittauer
Angela Ceberano

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